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Bongs and Accessories For a Better Cannabis Experience

Bongs are an essential part of the cannabis smoking experience. They help to cool and filter smoke for a smoother inhalation, making them more suitable for recreational users who are looking for a better cannabis experience than traditional pipes. However, there are many different types of bongs and accessories that can be used with them to improve the overall experience.

There are two main types of bongs: straight tube and beaker bongs. Both are similar in that they use water filtration, but each has its own unique design and features.

A straight tube https://www.smokeday.com/bongs-water-pipes.html that is fitted with an angled hole to accommodate a downstem. The downstem accepts a removable bowl piece on one end, and is submerged in water on the other to filter the smoke through a cool stream of water before it travels upwards and into your lungs. By cooling and filtering smoke before inhalation, bongs can reduce the risk of burning your throat from direct contact with hot smoke, and also provide a more flavorful, smoother hit.

Beaker bongs are a more modern, ergonomic, and versatile variation on the straight tube. They are usually designed with a wider base than their more narrow counterpart, and may be equipped with a carb hole to control air flow, as well as an ice catcher a few prongs in the neck of the pipe to further cool the smoke. The beaker is a very popular type of bong because it is easy to use and clean, as well as being extremely durable and customizable.

Bongs can be adapted with various accessories to further improve their performance and user-friendliness, such as percolators and bong bubblers. These are simple and effective additions that can significantly reduce tar content in the smoke, as well as enhance its flavor and aroma. A percolator is a small piece that is attached to the downstem and consists of slats or holes that diffuse the smoke, helping it to enter the water more easily. Bongs can also be rigged with a variety of other accessories, including stem caps and downstem adapters to allow for the use of different size joints.

Despite their many benefits, bongs are not without their drawbacks. For example, a study by NORML and MAPS in California found that the water filtration of bongs tends to remove more psychoactive cannabinoids than tars, meaning you’ll need to smoke more to get the same effects. The good news is that you can mitigate this by changing the water often, so it remains clean and fresh.

While there are a multitude of different bongs and accessories that can be used to improve your smoking experience, it’s important to know what you’re looking for when shopping around. Different accessories have a wide range of uses, from reducing harmful chemicals in the smoke, to providing bigger hits and completely altering how the smoke is filtered through the bong. So, be sure to take your time and experiment with different combinations of accessories before settling on the perfect one for you.

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